My first Online Makeup Course

This makeup course will help you learn the right techniques, the “how, where and why “ because if you are here you know  having the right products is just part of it. Let me teach how to find your signature makeup look 

If you:

  • Watched all my videos but you still find makeup complicated
  • Bought so many products but you don’t know how to use them
  • Are stuck in your  old makeup routine 
  • Don’t understand where to apply certain products that suit your face shape
  • Don’t know what your skin undertone is and how to pick your foundation
  • Have a lot of brushes but you still don’t know how to properly use them

Then this makeup course is the only course you’ll need to finally UNDERSTAND makeup !

I made sure to use 5 models to really show you how makeup is applied on women of different ages, skin tone and skin condition!

Working as a makeup artist for almost two decades , but especially doing 1 on 1 sessions with women all over the world, made me have a better understanding about what women want and need in terms of makeup. 

I know that:

  • You need a simple routine that you’re confident about
  • You need tips that work for your age
  • You need quick makeup, not having to spend an hour in your bathroom
  • You need a signature look that you can apply no matter the occasion

It’s time for you to pick your own products from the store with confidence, because after this makeup course you will know exactly what textures, what colors suit you better!

Be your own makeup artist!

This makeup course will save you time and money by teaching you how to purchase only the products you need!

Some people might say makeup is superficial, but me and you know that the right makeup  will make you FEEL better, will give you confidence and it will be your armour  for the days when you’re not feeling like yourself or you need that extra  boost!

Imagine knowing how to cover your dark circles, how to find your foundation color and texture, how to finally play with your eyes and how to apply that cream blush!

These are skills you can learn!

What you will find...

I have categorized the course into the main products that we need to do a full makeup look! You don’t have to use  every single product and step I am showing, but I want you to know  how to do it if you wanted to! 

Each product: foundation, concealer, powder etc will be applied on 5 different models, of different age, ethnicity and skin condition  according to their needs. 

In this makeup course I decide to NOT focus on products, but on techniques!

After uploading more than 400 videos on YouTube about makeup products I think it was only fair that in here I would  curate all the information I’ve already shared, add everything I know, help you find your challenges in makeup and together to solve them.